new Mapping Project report

We have now completed the Mapping Project report on sibling support options.

Sadly, it reinforced that there are huge gaps and little consistency in approach.

We had planned on developing a directory of services (as we have done in the past) for our new website. However, there were not enough services to warrant a directory. I have the information about services and so can refer people as applicable. In addition, if you run or know of a specific support service that has openings for sibs (not just for agency clients), they can be promoted on the Siblings Australia Facebook page.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know/remind you about some of our services/resources

  • The website has a lot of information for providers, parents and siblings. We welcome feedback.
  • I am registered with the NDIS in SA, ACT, NSW and Tasmania to provide one-on-one parent information sessions (via phone or skype if out of SA) on supporting siblings. Participants in other States can access the service if they are plan or self-managed. Please pass this info on to parents and other providers – the few who have participated have found the session extremely helpful.
  • I have been running workshops for parents and/or providers on sibling support and our Sibworks model for 19 years and can also run webinars which means no travel or accommodation expenses 🙂
  • the Sibworks model is available for purchase by emailing me

As mentioned in the report, the future of Siblings Australia remains uncertain. With no core funding it is impossible to do any succession planning (I need to start to retire). I have applied for a couple of major grants but of course so many others have applied too!

I am hoping that this project report will lead to greater awareness of the need for a national program which can advocate for siblings, develop best practice approaches and provide some co-ordination of services. Please distribute to as many people as you can. I will also be sharing on our FB page so, if easier, please share from there.