Since 1999 Siblings Australia has lobbied hard at both National and State levels for siblings to be included in policy and programs. The organisation has contributed to inquiries, had discussions with Ministers, advisers and public servants from different departments, sent many letters and emails, and prepared a variety of submissions. The link shows just some examples of the latter.

Siblings Australia has run two successful conferences (2004, 2009) which attracted a number of overseas and local delegates. They both resulted in a resolution, endorsed by all delegates, which highlighted the importance of sibling support.

When funding for the organisation was discontinued in late 2007, after the government changed, a petition with many hundreds of signatures and comments called on the government to recognise siblings and support the work of Siblings Australia. Many more people wrote emails and letters to Ministers. You can read the comments that were added by some of the signatories in 2008. A later petition in 2015 had many more signatures and some of those comments can be seen here.

The organisation has continued to advocate strongly for siblings including presenting to Joint Standing Committees, conferences, and providing input to publications.

Other organisations have also highlighted siblings in various position papers and other documents; you can read some of these via the other advocacy link to the left.