Upcoming events

Parent workshops

There are no parent workshops planned currently. If you would like to enquire about hosting one email kate@siblingsaustralia.org.au

Adult sibling peer support groups

If you would like to meet up with other siblings of people with a disability and share experiences and support, the following groups have recently started. We hope you come along regardless of what role you play in the life of your brother or sister with a disability. 

We ask that you register for the relevant group by completing the online form here. You can skip questions 10 and 11 - they were only needed in the early stage of the project. The information you give will help with our planning and will be kept confidential. You only need to register once. Any questions email kate@siblingsaustralia.org.au or call 0408720558. Be in touch too if you would like to explore establishing a group in an area other than those listed below.

Some of the dates for future groups have not been set yet. If you are interested in being involved, please still register and we can notify you of upcoming catch-ups. And please spread the word. You can watch a short (4min) film about the planning for the groups 


Adelaide TBA

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Attendee at Sydney workshop