Welcome to the Siblings Australia Forums. We have had forums in the past but this is a new website with new content. At this point we only have one for siblings, SibChat, but may develop others for researchers, providers or parents, down the track. It is open to any sibling of a person with disability, chronic illness or mental illness. Please post new topics that are of interest to you. In order to participate in the forum you need to register first.
And BEFORE you register PLEASE read the below information.

Forum Terms & Rules

This forum is for siblings of people with special needs ONLY. If you are a researcher, parent or service provider please contact us with your question or comment. The administrator will pass on information to the group, if appropriate.  

  • Don't post anything harassing, threatening, insulting, obscene, sexually orientated, defamatory, invasive of privacy or in violation of any laws.
  • Treat people as you would wish to be treated yourself, with civility and sensitivity.
  • Please don't act aggressively - if you feel yourself getting angry at another user please cool off first.
    If you feel they have done something wrong, report it to the moderator.
  • No advertising - non-profit event or website notices may go on the Noticeboard, but no commercial or research notices please.
  • Please stick to the named topic, especially if someone is asking for help or advice.
  • Please remember, everyone is entitled to an opinion so long as it doesn’t breach these rules.
  • For your own sake, don't share personal information such as your address, phone number or other personally identifying information. We cannot take responsibility for the content or security of any communications that happen outside the discussion board.
  • Advice from other users is peer support only - please seek professional advice from a qualified person when such advice is needed.
  • We will do as much as possible to provide a safe online environment by moderating content every day, including removing inappropriate language or content - however we cannot remove the possibility that posts breaking these rules may be temporarily on the site. Furthermore, topics discussed and views of other users may be inappropriate for younger people.
  • Users who break these rules may receive official warnings, have their contributions moved, deleted, or their user account suspended or terminated.
  • Please note, we cannot remove individual posts by request of the user unless they break the rules.

By logging in or registering you acknowledge that you are a sibling to someone with disability or illness and have read, understood and agree to these rules and conditions.