Plea for Lost Funding (2008)
Budgetary considerations and bad timing may have led to the Rudd Government removing support from an often forgotten group of Australians - the brothers and sisters of those with special needs.

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Compassion Deficit (2008)
There's no such thing as a free tax cut, as Kate Strohm is learning. With Labor preparing to do a Sweeney Todd on the budget to pay for it's promises, Strohm says the national body she has built to work for the siblings of disabled children is already a victim and will shut it's office.
Compassion Deficit
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Autistic Kids: The Sibling Problem
The "typically developing" siblings of autistic children are, in fact, the furthest thing from typical. Often, they are wiser and more mature than their age would suggest.
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Some help when sisters can't do it all themselves
Patience comes first ... Chelsea Witham, top, finds time to amuse her younger sister Ella, who suffers from Cornelia de Lange syndrome.
Sydney Morning Herald
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