Adult sibling forum

This interview talks about an adult sibling forum in Adelaide August 2016 and explores some of the issues for adult siblings 

Giving a voice to siblings

This interview on the Life Matters program of Radio National explores a number of issues related to siblings across a lifetime. July 2015

The forgotten family members in mental illness

This interview was part of The Drawing Room (Radio National) with Waleed Aly on 8th October 2014. Kate Strohm from Siblings Australia and Siann Bowman from LaTrobe University discuss the impacts on siblings of people with mental illness. Two related articles by Siann and colleagues can be downloaded from the right column.

Siblings share their secrets

This is a radio doco which was presented to our National Conference in November and was broadcast on ABC Radio on Thursday, 31 December 2009 (12:10pm). It explores several sibling experiences with a discussion by siblings aged from 14 to 53 years of age.
The link includes the transcript and audio file.

Siblings and physical harm

This interview with Kate Strohm explores the issue of physical harm toward siblings by a child with a disability. It includes the transcript and audio file. A report from Siblings Australia is available for download from the right column.
Siblings of people with mental illness
Article 1
Article 2

Siblings and aggression