One factor that families identify as being important is the support they receive from professionals. Families who believe they can influence their future and make choices are more likely to be stronger and cope better.

A child with disability and their family are likely to come into contact with a range of professionals within different settings. 

For workers to be able to support siblings there needs to be an emphasis on:

  • Family centred care – all family members feeling they are respected and listened to
  • A whole of family approach – all family members are recognised and supported
  • Prevention – siblings are provided with support early to enable better health outcomes

The Siblings Australia 2017 Mapping Project indicated that many parents and siblings would benefit from professionals  increasing their understanding of sibling needs. 

Here you will find a range of information and tools to enable professionals from different sectors to identify sibling challenges, what they need and how to support them.


For support workers and other disability professionals.


For medical and allied health professionals.


For teachers and other education professionals.


Learn how to support siblings aged 8-12 connect with peers and building positive coping skills, as an accredited facilitator our tailor-made peer support programme

Build your understanding of the sibling experience, and how to best support the siblings in your life or work, with our online learning portal.

Find out more about how we can help your organisation to better support siblings, and identify yourself to siblings and their families as a preferred provider.

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