Building Resilience in Kids with Special Siblings

Resilience Building in Sibs of Kids with Disabilities – by Kate Strohm

Resilience Building for Children Why is resilience important and how do we develop it in children?All of us experience adversity and we cannot entirely protect children from experiencing challenging times, but we can help them manage, learn and grow from them. Through focusing on the strengths in an individual child and building on those within […]

Siblings pillow-fighting

How To Know When Siblings Are Play-fighting Or Actual Fighting? – by Kate Strohm

All siblings fight from time to time; it’s a normal part of developing the sibling relationship, and often the first time we learn negotiation, problem-solving and conflict management skills. When we look at fighting between young siblings, there are two types of fighting, and it helps to know the difference between the two, especially when

Adult Siblings: Childhood Experiences

How to Cope with Disability in Adult Siblings – by Kate Strohm

Each sibling’s experience is unique. Whilst many siblings of people with disability/ chronic illness recall only positive aspects from their childhood, others have a more complex experience. As children, it isn’t easy to understand and manage the differing feelings that can arise as a sibling, which, if left unaddressed, can lead to poor mental health

Jillian Fairweather with Siblings

A personal story of a sibling – A Guest blog by Jillian Fairweather

Many years ago, at a parent workshop, a mother described how, when her child was diagnosed with a disability, she threw herself into finding the very best therapies/ disability support for her little one. It took so much energy, and she had little time left to think of anything else. She found out later that

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