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Caring for a disabled child

Caring for all of your children when one has a disability.

Two very different stories of sibling experience crossed my desk this morning. Both were from parents of a child with disability. One written and one conversational. The first was a parent blog where the mother had written that her other children sometimes say to her “Sam is your favourite child”. I’m sure every sibling feels […]

Care for Disabled Sibling

Planning for the future – Tips for siblings of people with disability (Part 2)

Our last blog discussed issues related to future planning both for and with a person with a disability. This time we focus on adult siblings. If you are an adult sibling, you too might worry about the future, when your parents may be less able to provide caregiving for your brother/sister. These are not easy

Parents With Disabled Kids

Planning for the future – Tips for parents of a child with disability (Part 1)

This blog has two parts. Both talk of the difficulties in families communicating about planning for the future for and with a person with disability. The first then provides tips for parents, the second for siblings.   The Parent Experience  Parents’ fear about the future is understandable. Most times, you have to put huge amounts of

Elder sibling caring for a younger sibling

Ways to foster a strong, healthy relationship between siblings (Part 2)

As mentioned in Part 1, if the relationship can be nurtured from early on, it is likely to continue into adulthood and be the longest of any for the person with disability. As siblings age, it is the relationship itself, regardless of other roles a sibling might play, that is crucial to the lifelong mental

Disabled Child

The importance of a sibling relationship (Part 1)

My brother has been the most influential person in my life and continues to be each day (sibling, Josie, about brother with disability). This blog comes in two parts. First, it examines the things that might affect sibling relationships, especially in childhood and why sibling relationships are important both for a sibling and for a

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