SibPlan is a free sibling planning and support resource for siblings of people with disability, and service providers that support disability needs around Australia.

SibPlan is for adult siblings of a person with disability or chronic illness. With practical tools, resources and guidance, we’re here to support you, as you support them. We’re here for all stages of the sibling journey – whether you’re just starting out, in crisis, or simply seeking guidance as you navigate your role as a sibling, support or carer to your brother or sister. Welcome!

What we mean by ‘sibling’

When we use the term ‘sibling’ we mean you (the person without disability), and when we talk about ‘your brother or sister’ we mean the person you’re supporting (the person with disability).

Understanding your brother or sister’s disability

Over four million people in Australia live with disability. Many have a sibling they rely on, especially in adulthood.

Funding & support options – NDIS & My Aged Care

The NDIS and My Aged Care are how the Australian Government funds disability support or aged care services.

Disability health & wellbeing

All decisions about your brother or sister’s healthcare and wellbeing are best made with them, not for them.

Social, recreation & employment

Participating in positive social activities, recreation and work is an important part of your brother or sister’s identity.

Home & living

There are several home and living options for people with disability, with circumstances sometimes changing over time.

Guardianship & administration

Being appointed a guardian and/or administrator can help to protect your brother and sister’s best interests.

Estate planning

Estate planning helps to ensure your brother or sister’s wishes are adhered to, and their assets are protected.

Financial planning

Financial planning can be challenging for anyone, including people with disability, their families and carers.

Create a personal profile for you and your brother or sister

My Personal Profile

You can complete this profile about yourself. It will help you to write down your concerns, plan your life and set goals.

My brother or sister’s personal profile

You can complete this with your brother or sister with disability, this profile is about them. It will help you and your sibling set goals and plan their lives.

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