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Are you a parent, health care worker, educator or disability professional?

Do you care for, support or come into contact with siblings of children with disability?

Would you like to know more about how you can support better outcomes for siblings – whether within your own family, or in a professional setting?

Our SibWise online learning program will assist you to better understand and respond to sibling needs and challenges.

This course will provide you with the tools and resources you need to better support siblings.

We know your time is valuable, so we’ve designed this program in such a way that you can complete it on your schedule. The course should take 2-3 hours total, or can be undertaken in 3 blocks of roughly 45 minutes duration. 

The cost of the course is: 

  • $30 for parents  – you might be able to claim this through the NDIS via the support item ‘parent/carer training’.
  • $50 for professionals  – this can count as 2-3 hours of Self-Identified PD/CPD.
Two children play on the floor while an adult reads a book on the couch. One child has thrown a toy at the other, who looks angry.
The SibWise program includes illustrated scenarios, designed to help parents and professionals navigate real-life challenges.

What will I learn?

Through a range of scenarios, video content and numerous tips and tools, parents and professionals will learn how to:

  • Tackle common challenges for siblings
  • Act on wellbeing and mental health needs
  • Address family complexities
  • Find tools and resources to protect and strengthen children
  • Unlock the power of peer connection
  • Build resilience through small actions now

Through the course, you will see the perspectives of both parents and professionals. We believe it is beneficial to see the suggested strategies for each group, to support parents and professionals working together.

“These learning modules were brilliant! As a mum of a child with disability and two other children, I could relate to so many aspects of the stories and scenarios. It has given me knowledge and practical strategies that I can implement straight away to support my children. Well done, Siblings Australia! I have been searching for a resource like this – I am excited that these modules will help other families like ours.”

Stacey Touma

Sibling parent, CEO - Kindred

The SibWise module uses real-life scenarios to explore the range of emotions, feelings and challenges experienced by siblings of a child with disability.

It respectfully shares practical supports, tools and resources that can support siblings and families. A wonderful resource for parents and professionals.

Chris Champion

Director, Positive Partnerships

Take a sneak peak inside SibWise, below...

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