Are you a professional in the health, education or disability space?

Do you come across siblings of children with disability and have concerns for them in the course of your work?

SibWorks is a tailor-made peer support programme for siblings aged 8-12, providing them with the opportunity to connect with other siblings who share the same experiences and learn ways of managing positively the challenges they face. Thanks to the positive responses from participants and their parents over the last 15 years, and a desire to ensure that more siblings are able to access SibWorks, we’re now offering SibWorks facilitator training.

SibWorks facilitator training is an online programme you can complete on your own timeline, where you will be given the skills, tools and resources to be able to confidently facilitate SibWorks through your professional practice for the benefit of siblings in your local community.

Our Sibworks facilitator training programme will be launching soon.

For more information and to find out when it’s available, just enter your email address below.