For adult siblings of people with disability.

Are you an adult with a brother or sister with disability?

Do you ever feel alone in your experiences as a sibling of a person with disability?

Do you wish you could connect with other people who “get it”, without worrying about people who don’t?

Do you need information and advice about the future considerations for you and your brother or sister with disability?

Our SibChat Facebook community was created for people just like you.

SibChat is a private Facebook community run by and for adult siblings of people with disability by sibling support organisation Siblings Australia. We understand that life as a sibling is different for every person. For some, the experience is a joyful one. For others, it can be deeply challenging. For many, it’s a complex mixture of experiences, both positive and negative.

We created SibChat because so many of the siblings we’ve spoken to have told us the same thing: “as a sibling, I felt so alone.” Our aim is to make SibChat a community of support, connection, advice, and information.

SibChat aims to help every member to feel surrounded by a community of people who understand the unique experience of life as a sibling. We know how comforting it can be to realise you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing or feeling.

Come on over and take a look at what our SibChat Facebook community has to offer today.

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