Siblings Australia Research

Siblings ILC Mapping Project Report (2018). Supported by the NDIS this project explored the sibling support available to siblings of children and adults with disability.

Final Report SDF (2017). Supported by the Sector Development Fund of the NDIS this project explored the needs of adult siblings and developed both online and face to face support opportunities.

Sibworks evaluation (2015-16)

The following two articles came from the evaluation of Sibworks done by Adelaide University’s psychology department. If you would like a hard copy, please contact us

Roberts, RM, Ejova, A, Giallo, R, Strohm, K, Lillie, M & Fuss, B. (2015). A controlled trial of the SibworkS group program for siblings of children with special needs. Research in Developmental Disabilities. 43-44, 21-31.

Rachel M. Roberts, Anastasia Ejova, Rebecca Giallo, Kate Strohm & Meredith E. Lillie (2016). Support group programme for siblings of children with special needs: predictors of improved emotional and behavioural functioning, Disability and Rehabilitation, DOI: 10.3109/09638288.2015.1116621

Phone in summary (2013). Siblings Australia conducted a phone-in on January 12th to gauge families’ thoughts on the availability of sibling support and what would help.

Report from surveys re aggression (2012). For some time Siblings Australia has been concerned about the issue of siblings being physically hurt by a brother or sister with disability. We developed surveys for parents, siblings and service providers and whilst we understand this is a sensitive topic, we also believe that it is worthy of consideration. We hope that this small research project will lead to more extensive research through which we can gain more insight into the support needs of families.

Scoping Project – Report (2009). This research investigated what sibling programs were operating around Australia, what models were used and what workforce development was needed. Over 100 providers of sibling programs responded and reinforced the idea that there needed to be more collaboration, more resources and skill development as well as more funding for these programs.

Adult sibling project report (2009). This research, supported by Julia Farr Purple Orange explored the concerns and needs of adult siblings of people with disability.

ARACY collaboration report (2008). Siblings Australia had long been concerned about the lack of collaboration and co-ordination around research into sibling issues and models of support. After contacting researchers around the country we established a group of researchers and together we were successful in gaining a small encouragment grant to facilitate some collaboration between researchers and service providers.

AeJAMH editorial 2008 (an article about the work of Siblings Australia).

Evaluation of SibworkS (2007).  We have evaluated the program and two papers have resulted from this – see above. It is crucial that sibling programs undergo evaluation to ensure best practice. Note: this was a very small sample and so the results were not very conclusive.

Youth Studies (2001). An article about the work of the pilot Sibling Project, which then led to the development of Siblings Australia).