NDIS Fund Management

There are four options for managing your brother or sister’s NDIS funds:

  • Self-management – the NDIA will pay your brother or sister or their nominee for the supports in their NDIS plan. Your brother, sister or their nominee then manages the funding themselves and pays the service providers for the support provided.
  • Provider Plan Management – in this case, certain agencies can act as a financial intermediary. They can organise the financial and administrative aspects of an NDIS plan, e.g. paying invoices, developing service agreements with providers, preparing monthly reports on how funds are being used.
  • Agency management – the NDIA will directly pay service providers on behalf of the person with disability.
  • A combination of the above  e.g. you might have an agency manage some aspects of a Plan and you might manage any other aspects – stories

If a participant has their funds managed by the NDIA (agency managed) then NDIS registered providers must be used. If the funds are self-managed or plan-managed by another agency you can choose any providers you like.

It is important to think through how you wish to manage the funds as it impacts on the flexibility and choices you have. The general community opinion seems to be it is best to go with Plan management and/or self-management for the majority of the Plan, especially in rural areas.

Regardless of how the Plan is managed, each participant receives a monthly plan statement from the NDIS which outlines which supports have been claimed by which providers. For more information click here.