Young Siblings

We believe that the earlier support for siblings begins, the better the outcome will be not only for them, but for their whole family. Acknowledging and supporting young siblings doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it can be plenty of fun for parent and child alike!

Supporting and empowering the sibling begins with supporting and empowering you, the parent. Questions you might have as a parent include:

INTRODUCING: Alex and Arlo:  A Sibling Story

A new resource for siblings aged 4-7 and their parents.

Alex and Arlo: A Sibling Story was written by us to help your sibling child feel less alone in their experiences, and to provide reassurance that there are others out there who understand how they feel.

‘Alex and Arlo’ will take you and your sibling child through the various experiences Alex faces as a sibling to her younger brother Arlo, who has a disability. We encourage you to read the story together with your child, and to take the chance to reflect together on Alex’s experiences and the coping strategies she uses.

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