Financial planning

Financial planning can be challenging for anyone, including people with disability and their families and carers.

Money is an essential part of daily life and ensures we can pay for food, shelter, transport, medication and the other things we need. Ensuring that your brother or sister has access to the standard of living they are entitled to is important. As with all other areas of life, it is important that your brother or sister is making their own decisions with as much autonomy as possible.

Navigating the disability support funding system

It can be complex navigating the different benefits available to people with disability. These can include:

  • Funding from NDIS or My Aged Care
  • Centrelink payments, for example a disability support pension or mobility allowance
  • Pensioner Concession card
  • Wages from employment
  • Disability grants

There are a number of options to help manage regular living expenses, such as rent, phone/utility bills or other ongoing expenses with deductions made directly from Centrelink payments.

Handy resources

What you can do

Make sure your brother or sister with disability is getting the right financial support

It might have been some time since your brother or sister’s financial plans were made or reviewed. To start exploring new, additional or different financial aid and support for your brother or sister, start with these services:

Handy resources

Understand and facilitate supported decision-making for a person with disability

Every person has the right to make their own decisions, but sometimes, we need support. When someone needs help to make decisions, it’s called supported decision-making. And is based on making decisions with someone not for them.

Support with decision-making can come from family, friends, and other peers. Support can also come from service providers or other people, such as advocates. Supported decision making looks different for each person.


Easy Read & video

The Council for Intellectual Disability has created information about supported decision-making for people with intellectual disability. It’s called ‘I can make decisions’ and includes a downloadable two-page Easy Read document in pdf format, and a three-minute video.


Guide to NDIS decision-making

The Victorian Office
for the Public Advocate’s ‘Guide to NDIS decision-making’ and explores when a decision can be made by, with or for an adult with significant cognitive disability.


Lived experience video

Check out this NDIS
video where Luke from Inclusion Australia talks about supported decision-making
for people with disability.

Establish a Circle of Support for a person with disability

It is important to remember that there are alternatives to seeking formal legal orders (which might include guardianship and administration), such as establishing a Circle of Support to support you and your brother or sister with decision making.

A Circle of Support involves a group of people in your brother or sister’s life, who they know and trust, coming together to support formulating, promoting and achieving the goals of a person with disability. The circle acts as a community to support and provide practical advice, solve problems and generate creative ideas to contribute positively to a person’s life.



A Circle of Support for a person with disability can be whatever you make of them.




A Microboard is a similar concept to a Circle of Support but is legally incorporated to become a not-for-profit organisation that supports just one person. A Circle of Support often progresses to become a formalised Microboard.

Complete our personal profiles for future sibling planning

To ensure you can support your brother or sister to make important life decisions that are right for them, it’s important that you first ensure you understand what they want, what is important to them, and how they see themselves living their life for the foreseeable future.

That’s why we’ve created two helpful personal profile documents – a personal profile for your brother or sister, and a personal profile for you. Completing these profiles will help you to gain clarity on their wants and needs, keep track of relevant information and decisions, and enable you to reflect and plan ahead. It’s something you can do with your brother or sister, and you might even find it fun!

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